Educating a Child Is Developing the Future

If we teach today as we taught yesterday, then we rob our children of tomorrow- Rightly said by John Dewey.

Change is constant and this is not a new thing. We all are aware of the fact that with the passage of time the way of life has also changed. In the previous times people were more into leading a simple life but the current generation is more attracted towards leading a lavish life. The major reason behind all the change is technology driven generation. From a 3 year old kid to the old generation, all are driven by technology. In the present age, people just cannot imagine their life without the use of technology.

Such bold and overwhelming transformation in technology has not only affected lives but also the trend in education has changed. In the old times, education was being imparted in only educational institutions but in the present times it is not only the educational institutions that impart knowledge and education to the students. In addition to the educational institutions students gain information and knowledge on digital platforms. Students these days are accessible to gain knowledge by the use of internet and technology. The task of delivering knowledge is no more boring now. Students are taught through various interesting platforms that they find entertaining.

Schools and colleges are now becoming smart and smarter. Classrooms are fully equipped with technically advanced modes of learning. Students are now taught through power point presentations, videos and audio recordings, case studies and many more. Not only this, many schools and colleges even provide recorded lectures to be accessible to the students for future reference. Students can go through such recorded lectures anytime they want. Thus, this has made learning much more interesting and easy for the students.

Moreover, there are many mobile applications that can be used by the students in order to gain information and knowledge. The apps provide assistance with regard to almost every subject and students can use them anytime provided they have internet access. There are applications providing news also. Through the news providing app students can stay updated with all the general information and knowledge.

Emphasizing on the modernized education, digital paathshala popped up as a platform providing education to the students using new and modernized means of technology. This platform is making students learn in the most creative ways and allow them to be themselves. Students here are provided a unique and calm environment. The techniques adopted to educate children here are friendly and full of fun. The mentors does not pressurize the students to study instead they motivate them in such a way that the students themselves feel the need to study.

Emphasizing on the policies to promote education in a much friendly manner, Digital Paathshala has also made education free for the children who cannot afford to pay for it.

Thus, it the modernized world where everything changes within a couple of seconds, digital paathshala has shown a new way to educate.

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