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Disadvantages of Peer Pressure in Students Life

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disadvantages of peer pressure in students life

Attaining education is never that easy. It comes along with a lot of challenges and requires keen focus on part of the students. Along with the academic challenges students face intense challenge of handling peer pressure. Peer pressure is known as the direct influence on students by their friends which provokes them to change their attitude, behavior and actions to conform to those friends. Students start imitating their friends without bothering about the outcome of their actions. Peer pressure has its own advantages and disadvantages in the life of students.

Under this article, we will be discussing about the disadvantages of peer pressure.

Disadvantages of peer pressure

There are many ways through which peer pressure can affect the life of students. Some of them are:

  1. DRAINING SELF-CONFIDENCE- Just as some influences brings along with them a lot of positive vibes, in the same way some influences come with a lot of negativity. When the students get affected by peer pressure, they usually start becoming who they are not and lacks their true being. This results in deteriorating their confidence in themselves. And this finally affect their actions.
  2. AFFECTED ACADEMICS- During adolescence, students find it important to be accepted by their peer group. They prioritize approval of peer group before their parent’s approval. This in turn affect their academics. Sometimes, they do not perform well in academics even when they can do so because thus makes the look uncool in the eyes of their friends. To look cool enough in their group, they stop working on enhancing their academic skills and starts imparting more time with their peers.
  3. ADOPTING DANGEROUS HABITS- To conform their need to feel accepted by their peers they do not even care to give a thought before adopting any habit that is dangerous to them Such habits usually includes: alcohol consumption, smoking, drug abuse etc. Even if they know getting involved in such activities is not good for them, they do so to seek the approval and fit in the group.
  4. THEY FEEL ASHAMED ABOUT THEIR FAMILY- During the school age, students get affected by each other and their family backgrounds. Many times, there is a vast disparity between the economic backgrounds of the student. Such disparities affect the mental state of students badly and they start feeling bad or ashamed about their background and themselves. They get pre-occupied with the feeling that they are somehow lesser in the eyes of their peers.
  5. THEY GET DISTANT FROM THEIR FAMILY- It is very common for students in the age of adolescence that the family does not understand them. They start getting distant from their family members and fall into a bad company.
  6. MAY RESULT IN SELF HARM– Sometimes peer pressure comes along with a lot of negative impact that the students get involved in the activities to harm themselves. During such circumstance, they may even kill themselves.

Thus, peer pressure affects the life of students in a very strong way. It cannot be put to an end but one can deal with it in a more effective manner.

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