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Digital Paathshala- Imparting Digitalized Education

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When something goes digital that means technology have been incorporated in to it. Technology is showing its power and is digitalizing every other thing by the passing time. Education has also been digitalized by technology. Use of blackboards and chalks have become ancient in todays’ era of technology. The classes have turned out to be smart when equipped with projectors, laptops, LCD screens and other advanced technical impedimenta. Schools are transmuting the teaching ways and making way for the new, modernized approach. The softwares, learning platforms and digital devices are coming up with new ways to transform education. Many schools are even providing digital devices like tablets and laptops. Educating the students have been made easier and interesting with the help of these, turning the standard way of teaching into adaptive and personalized learning. Primary and secondary schools are on the top of the list to adopt the lavish and modernized method of teaching. A huge number of coaching institutes have updated themselves and have started imparting digitalized education to the students.

Digital Paathshala is a tuition center which succors the students with their problems while studying using open digital education resource. Digital Paathshala is the one with a difference. The institute as the name suggests uses the advanced technology gadgets to teach the students from class 4th to 10th of ICSE, CBSE and PSEB educational boards. All the subjects are covered at the tuition center. Mathematics, English, Social Studies, General Science, Hindi are some of the subjects. The mentors at the venture are highly qualified and experienced. They know how to engage the students and make the environment of the class lively. They use their skills and abilities to teach the topics to the students in a fun way. The students enjoy the sessions, the mentors never compel them to study and do not force them to cram the topic, the students themselves want to study on the LCD screens in the smart class. The teachers systematically complete the whole syllabus of the curriculum unlike the other coaching centers which just focus on covering the syllabus no matter the student understands the main concept or not. The teachers do not just keep on lecturing the students, they lay emphasis on delivering conceptual clarification by the students.

At Digital Paathshala, we take care of the students’ needs and wants. We know that every student needs some fun time to refresh his/her mind. So, we have incorporated extra-curricular activities for them. It is like hitting two with one stone. Those games are mind-provoking as well as provide a leisure time to the students while giving them a break from studies. Quizzes, puzzles and seminars are arranged at the venture. For instance, Sudoku, Scrabble and seminar on GST was conducted to inform the students in detail about the major change in the taxation system of the country. Furthermore, motivational lectures for the students are scheduled to nourish their mind and diminish all the negative thoughts. Students at some point of time need encouragement in life. That is why, we motivate them on a regular basis with the help of experts of the field.

It provides astounding services to the students and is becoming the best digitalized coaching center.

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