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Difference between Learning and Education

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difference between learning and education

We all are familiar with both the terms. In fact, these are used by almost all of us in our daily lives. Though we use the word almost daily, but, did we ever try to find out the true meaning of each of these and the difference between the two. Many people believe that the two words carry the same meaning.

This is so not true my friend.

Both the words showcase different meanings.

Here, we are going to discuss the major difference between these two terms.

Since the inception of time, education holds a great place in our lives. It has evolved from the time of evolution of human being. Each one of us wants to attain education and grow up looking forward to better future. EDUCATION basically is the process through which the society pass on the knowledge, skills and abilities from generation to generation. Whereas, LEARNING is a process that involves acquiring knowledge, values and skills to perform any course of action. Both the terms are totally different.

Through education, one chooses to impart knowledge to other individual whereas in learning, people acquire knowledge and skills on their own. In the process of education, it is not necessary that the other person is attaining what is being told because it can sometimes be involuntary, but, it does not apply in the case of learning. Learning is always voluntarily acted. The person who wants to polish any skills or wants to have a hold over knowledge mainly practice learning.

Moreover, learning is considered as an on-going process as human being have the tendency of learning from the very time of their birth whereas education is attained at some point in life.

“Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth learning can be taught.” Rightly said by — Oscar Wilde

Thus, it is very important to not only educate the society but it is equally important to make them learn. Education simply imparts them the relevant information and knowledge, but, it is only learning that makes them capable enough to perform what they have been told or learnt.

In the traditional education system, no emphasis was laid on learning. In fact, memorizing things was considered as learning which is not correct. When a person memorizes something, he/she holds the tendency to forget that at any point of time in future but when the person is made to learn, he/ she never forgets that throughout his/ her life.

Thus, learning has stronger and long-lasting impact than education.

So, emphasis should be laid upon making the students learn and no attempt should be taken to simply pass on the knowledge and information to them to just make them pass their academic session.

Efforts should be made to make them learn for a life time.

The only better action taken today will lead to a bright tomorrow because the development of today’s generation is the development of entire world.

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