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Negotiating the Impossible: Tips from The Expert

According to Professor Malhotra, some negotiations are easier than others and some seem impossible. However, in the end, it reminds us that, in essence, all negotiations, however impossible they may seem, are simply interactions between human beings and as such, it will always be possible to reach a good agreement successfully. I recommend this work,

Ways to Make a Move towards Meditation

“The greatest help to spiritual life is meditation. In meditation we divest ourselves of all material conditions and feel our divine nature. We do not depend upon any external help in meditation.” ~ Rightly said by Swami Vivekananda Meditation is the art of training the mind to realize some sort of benefits or to simply

Tips to Stay Positive in Negative Situations

One can never avoid or have a complete control over situations. Negative situations may happen and you just can’t do anything about it. If unavoidable, then what are the measures to counteract their negative effect on our lives and attitudes? In today’s world, students find it so much difficult to stay positive because of the

Stay Fit, Stay Happy

What do you think about your health status? Do you consider yourself fit? We are providing some measures to examine your fitness. Lets’ begin! To measure health, we use the following major three parameters: Physical Psychological Nutritional As understood, the physical appearance of a person comes under the physical health. The presence of important nutrients