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This Is How You Can Teach Effectively

Truly said by Charles Kuralt, “Good teachers know how to bring the best in them.” To teach is not important instead it is important to teach in an appropriate manner. There are many teachers in the world but those who can make their students understand every single concept are the real heroes. A teacher holds

Struggles of an Average Student

Student phase is the most important part of your life as it lays the foundation for the rest of your life. Being successful is the only way to earn respect today, as the time has changed and no one wants to keep any relationship with the unsuccessful people as they will not adhere to the

Disadvantages of Peer Pressure in Students Life

Attaining education is never that easy. It comes along with a lot of challenges and requires keen focus on part of the students. Along with the academic challenges students face intense challenge of handling peer pressure. Peer pressure is known as the direct influence on students by their friends which provokes them to change their

Digital Paathshala- Imparting Digitalized Education

When something goes digital that means technology have been incorporated in to it. Technology is showing its power and is digitalizing every other thing by the passing time. Education has also been digitalized by technology. Use of blackboards and chalks have become ancient in todays’ era of technology. The classes have turned out to be