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Can Dreams be Recorded with Appropriate Technology

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Technology has come a long way and it has started to change lives of people in ways that were never possible in the past. It can be confidently said that life has been improved with the development in technology- be it medical sector or for businesses. But some strange tasks that can be achieved with technology have baffled humans for a long time. One of the tasks is the ability to record dreams and play them whenever a person wants to identify the pattern that their dreams operate in. It is a field that has not been vastly studied and all that researchers have is an idea about it.

Since ancient times, dreams have been a mysterious topic in most of the cultures across the world. They associated them with other world which is different from the normal world that is dominated by humans. In that world, humans could connect with higher consciousness and get answers to their problems from a better and clearer perspective. All of these facts encouraged humans to discover methods that could record them and do proper research to interpret them. Some theorists believe that dreams are a reflection of reality and a way for human brain to handle those situations in real life. Others say that dreams usually highlight the suppressed emotions of a person, that they decide to not show to any person. It can help a person to confront their emotions and get over them.

People all around the world have developed some techniques through which they can remember and control their dreams. A widely used method that has gained popularity in the latest times with the advent of internet- Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is a technique, wherein a human has complete control of their dream and do as they please because in a usual dream, it becomes impossible to control any aspect of it as a person goes with the flow in a dream. A movie that depicted it in a great way- Inception, where a person dreams within a dream. Several years back, these aspects were far from reality but now, intensive work is being done which is making it easier to see the goal in a clearer way.

The technology that is being developed to perform this task is in its early stages because a deep knowledge about human brain is necessary. Psychologists have been doing research for many years and some parts of human brain are still hard to understand, because they do not help in usual daily tasks. Scientists around the world perform a process in which electrodes are connected with the human brain, which helps to capture signals from neurons, which can further be linked with certain dreams. They can roughly tell about a subject that is being dreamt of, but it is hard to depict the exact details, as of now.

A research was done in year 2011, in which participants were asked to watch a video and after some time they were asked to think about it and recall the details. Then, electrodes were used to measure their brain activity and with the help of it, an inferior quality video about their thoughts was generated. Though, the results were not the best but it was a big step towards achieving the goal of recording dreams. The most important step before recording a dream is to identify when it is occurring. For that purpose, a study was performed on the brain, in which a part of the brain known as “Posterior Cortical Hot Zone” would depict higher frequency and lower frequency if a person was not dreaming.

The technology for depicting dreams cannot just depend upon computers, because medical field plays an equally important part in monitoring the brain’s behavior under some activity. Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is usually used to check brain’s activity when it is put under some tests. The reason for implementing it is for research that is ongoing, which can help to take vital decision for the future. Products and services can be developed and tailored according to people’s perception about them, which can tremendously help businesses.

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