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Business Groomed by Technology

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Most of us are obsessed with the word technology. We just cannot find any excuse to resist it. It has provided us numerous conveniences, aids and is successful in reshaping the world’s structure. The areas where technology has contributed are extensive. One of them is ‘Business.’ Technology with its wonderful inventions has made business automated resulting in increased speed and accuracy coining the term ‘Business Technology.’

It sounds really thought-provoking that how technology has enriched the professional sector. Ok, I am unraveling it for you. Business Technology is the trending term in cooperative world. Using this technology, the business sector has been equipped with various useful tools. Hardware and software are the two most important technical inventions which makes the business operations easy.  Accounting, designing, management of data are some of the aspects where technology plays an important role.


In this techie era, we cannot even imagine corporate world without computers and laptops. Business without hardware would be dwarf. Computers, printers, keyboards, mice have become a prominent part of business. Automation in business have increased the productivity while decreasing the output time. Consumer hardware and enterprise hardware are classification of hardware. Purchasing enterprise involves larger investment than the other type of hardware. Usually, business with small budget prefer consumer hardware. Moreover, enterprise hardware is often used for storing huge amount of data which is required by business giants.


Hardware alone cannot do anything; it requires support of suitable software to function. OS(operating System), designing tools like word processing applications, image editing and accounting applications etc.  are all soft wares. Most widely used operating systems are Windows and Macintosh. Multimedia and video creation field often attracts Macintosh platform and it is famous in entrepreneurs indulged in mixed media. Microsoft Office, the most conventional office productivity software suite used in offices as well as homes. The common weapons of ope.office.org are word processing, presentation and database programs capable of handling a numerous and common business tasks. One more business software is CAD (computer aided design) used by architects for designing tools and audio engineers take advantage of recording software.


Expansion of internet in various fields has transformed the small business technology. They are using the online network in order to proliferate their business and to earn a lot of benefits. They have opted internet to advertise, sell products, provide information to their clientsand to reach new customers. Purchasing and using new software might not be in the budget of every small business technology, keeping this in mind, SAAS software has been introduced. It is ‘software as a service.’ In SAAS, the software is sent over the web as a substitute of delivering through CDs and downloads.


Business technology has proved to be a boon especially for small businesses. They have taken advantage of the technology as

  • It has helped their employees in becoming more efficient.
  • Online marketing is easier, cheaper and preferable in lieu of door to door marketing.
  • It saves a lot of time by automating everything.
  • Employees can stay in touch with their distant clients especially when in different working places and hours by email and mobile communicating devices.

Business people should keep a check on the latest technology inventions and should adopt them.

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