Bridging the Gap between What to Teach and How to Teach

While the management was busy deciding “what to teach”, DIGITAL PAATHSHALA marked up ending on “how to teach”. Each of the two terms has a deep meaning buried in them. WHAT TO TEACH signifies the coverage of entire syllabus whereas HOW TO TEACH is concerned with the implication of methods and techniques wisely with an objective of acquiring WHAT TO TEACH EFFECTIVELY? Lifting the heavy weights of syllabus, students often confront a chaotic situation. This limits their adaptability skills and they end up acquiring poor grades.

At DIGITAL PAATHSHALA, we have SMASHED this difference.

Students, feel free now. And lighten your shoulders from those extra pounds of pressure. Investing our precious time in resolving this issue, we have now arrived with list of wonderful ideas of transforming education into fun. We have an approach to the teaching methods that focus on making it easy for the students to attain the knowledge.


It is not enough for students to know only about the content of the books, rather being thorough with each concept is more important. We have just arrived to strengthen the roots of knowledge in the minds of students. When asked any questions, the students will no more end up rolling their eyes and pretend to memorize the answers. Instead, they will be rushing in a hurry to get a chance to respond to the question asked in a class and end up feeling like a BOND WEARING GLASSES in the crowd.

Our improved ways of teaching and expertise in handling the students enriched with different skill sets makes it possible for the students to crack even the hardest nut. The problem solving abilities of students are enhanced in such a way that they learn more quickly with less pressure of the need to cram things.

The elimination of PUSHED TO STUDY method has proved to be a benefitting factor. Great efforts have been put by us in lightening the fire in our students to attach a sense of accordance and relativity to the process of learning. Keeping the internal environment of classes calm and cool, we lead our students to the path of success. We have just begun with this revolution of March towards success, by maintaining a proper balance between the need to study and the want to study among students.

Why wait and watch the resisting attitude of children towards studies when you have the best way to go- DIGITAL PAATHSHALA. Get a focus and connect with us to explore the opportunities to water the deep-rooted buds of knowledge with the help of our expert faculty. Today’s move to join hands with us will be building the blocks of success for tomorrow.

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