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Avoid These Foods to Stay Fit

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avoid these foods to stay fit

Eating the right kind of food is of utmost importance in the present high-paced life. We forget to take care of our diet while we are busy doing work. The sitting job employees find it difficult to maintain or get in to shape. Coffee and snacks go for whole day, ruining our health. Besides eating healthy food, one should avoid the following combinations-

Burger and Fries-

This is the first meal we order at malls. The most loved combo by kids and adults, is not good for them. The fried burger patty and chips have high amount of bad cholesterol, whereas, the trans-fat in both the items lowers blood sugar levels, leaving you feel tired and sleepy.

Olive Oil and Nuts-

Eating the combination will make you feel sick as the fat in the oil and protein of nuts never mix in to each other. Raw fat is not easy to digest and when you have it in combination with protein it, fat prevents the digestion of protein and create problems in your stomach.

Pasta with Tomatoes

We are depending more on junk food these days. The leading meal, pasta, has many disadvantages. Pasta is widely popular, but the starch in it prevents it from digestion. And the addition of tomatoes with it, increases the obstruction. The highly acidic tomatoes cause bloating.

Fruit after a Meal

Many try to avoid desserts after the meal. Then, we try to look for the alternatives, we tend to rely on natural sweet foods, such as fruits. But, my friend, eating fruit after a full meal is not a good choice, as it does not go well with the eaten food and stay in your stomach for a longer period.

Yogurt with Fruit-

A huge number of people have adopted this as their breakfast. We all consider it as a healthy food without any doubt. But, let me help you to know the reality. It is not a very healthy combination to go for. Acidic fruit+ protein rich yogurt, decreases the digestive fibers while producing toxins and cold allergies.

Juice and Muffins

Does your mouth gets filled with water when we talk about muffins?

But, having it with juice either in the morning or at night, is unhealthy. The stimulated blood sugar level with excess carbohydrates will collapse soon.

Pizza and Soda

Having pizza with a fizzy drink is trending these days, especially youngsters. But, your body will have to work a lot to digest the carbs in pizza and starch of the soda. Moreover, the sugar which the soda contains will slow down the digestion rate and the other stomach processes.

Cough Syrup and Lemon

Cough syrup includes dextromethorphan, which when get in contact with the acidic lemon, gets blocked because lemon chunks the enzymes which are required to break down statins. Various side effects can be generated when the statins remain in the blood stream.

Bananas and Milk

Are you fond of banana shake?

I was, but, will avoid it from now onwards, because banana mixed with milk becomes very heavy, resulting in to the formation of toxins, which tends to slow down your mind.

Allergy Medicines with Apple Juice

The allergy medicine in the blood stream gets affected when mixed with apple, as the nectar affects its absorption. Furthermore, it reduces the effect of the medicine by 70%.

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