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Android O: A Google’s New Update

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Google is making its parent Alphabet, more proud each day by its tremendous work in all sphere of technology. It offers its users unimaginable and beyond words creations which the common man cannot think to own at such a price. Its magic has been accelerating day by day, especially in the world of smartphones. Google is ready with its next version of Android, known as Android O.

The American multinational company is thinking of launching it into the market on August 21st. Yes, it is the total solar eclipse day as well. The new Android is unique and special in its own ways which can be seen from its live streaming from New York at 2.40 PM. The Indians have to wake up till midnight to watch the live telecast as in India there would be the time of 12.10AM.

Android O is yet not the finalized name of the software. The techies are continuously getting various suggestions about the name of ‘O.’ Some of the proposed names are ‘Oreo’ and ‘Octopus.’ But Google has not given its nod to any recommendation. It is still in doubt.

The Internet-related products and services provider has already unveiled a lot about the successor of the Android N at the I/O talk of 2017. The improvements have been performed in Picture in Picture mode, security features, battery life, notifications, audio quality and countless more. To know the modifications in detail read more.

Picture in Picture Mode-

Most of the Smartphone users might have not thought of watching their favorite videos while texting your loved ones. Till today, you can either send a text or watch a video online. But in Android O, Google has gone a step forward in making this true. It has become possible through the PiP mode. It allows the users to enjoy YouTube and Gmail at the same time.

Notification Dots-

Tired of dropping down the menu bar again and again to catch the latest notifications? No need to do it anymore. The new Android version has changed the way we get to know about the new messages and information. Now, a small dot will appear on those apps which have something new for its users. You have to just long press that dot and you would be redirected to the notifications in the form of a pop-up bubble. The iOS users have experienced this before as the newly added trait is similar to Apple’s red badge.

Extended Battery Life-

Certainly all the smartphones users have seen being troubled and complaining about their mobile’s draining battery, but Android O has solution to this issue as well. Google has introduced background limits to save and extend the battery life while saving the battery usage by the background applications, giving its users a more leisure time with the technology in hand.

Fresh Emojis-

It is the era of using emojis. They are widely in use to convey our emotions and feelings to the other people. Everyone out there has used it at least once. This adds fun and excitement to our chatting experience. What if I tell you that you are soon going to be able to use a fresh list of emojis at the O version of Android.  Instead of blob faces which have been using, Google has introduced circular faces at we see on the iOS.

You will get to have the experience of all these updates done in the Android operating system later this summer, as conveyed by Google at this year’s I/O talk. The American multinational will bring the new system update in to the market before it brings Pixel 2.  It is obvious that from now onwards, all the tablets and smartphones will be empowered with Android O. The first list has been made which will get the Android O. It is

  • Pixel L
  • Pixel XL
  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 6P

Pixel 2 would be the first Smartphone to be upgraded with Android O. Google might proclaim it in the month of September.

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