Adapt Reading Habit Using These Tricks

Reading books out of your curriculum is fun, but, for only those who have some interest in knowing new things via this mode of attaining information. Everything goes well for the book lovers but what about those who are facing problems and challenges in growing the reading habit.

The habit has various significances. Apart from the bunch of knowledge and advanced vocabulary, books enhance writing and analytical skills of the reader.

“When you read a great book, you do not escape from life, you plunge deeper into it.”- Julian Barnes, Man Booker Prize Winner in 2011 for his great work ‘The Sense of an Ending.’

If you do not have a goal in life and struggling to find it, great books will help you in giving direction to life. Also, reading habit improves concentration.

It acts stress reliever as well.  You can also term it as a tranquilizer. The activity also helps you to improve your memory as when you go through a book, you remember its’ characters, backgrounds, arcs and many more things related to the story of the book. There are numerous other benefits of reading books, so just adopt the following ways to read more books and see your life transforming.

  1. Decide a number-

Make your mind and set a specific number in your mind that these many books I will read in this time limit. This thought will take you to the direction of reading more and more books. This will increase your reading speed. Then, tracking progress will be easier, and if you achieve your goal then you got something to celebrate for.

You can find anything online. You can take help of internet to keep track of your book list and set up your reading goals for the year. Goodreads would be a good option.

If you are a beginner and want to have some great books on your book list, ‘How to Win Friends And Influence People, Think And Grow Rich And The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People are the best books you should go for.’

  1. Plan your time table-

If you want to enjoy the benefits of reading books, then you must make a ‘strict’ timetable in which you can dedicate your whole time to reading only. If needed, you can use an app for this as well and add reminders and alarms that will remind you to find a comfy place with book in your hand. Prioritize the activity. You can use ‘Evernote.’

Mornings are the best time to read something complicated.

  1. Find a place of your choice-

Place where you can find peace and which is free from all kinds of disturbances make the best and the most suitable environment to fulfill the purpose.

Comfort is another major point. You just cannot focus on your book until you feel snuggly. Another trick you can use to stay on track is to keep the book you are currently reading at a very common place through which you roam very easily.

  1. Choose the format you like the most-

eBooks are best for you if you can gaze at the digital screens for long time. They are portable, instant and easy to share. You can customize the appearance of the page and ease the task of locating hard-to-find titles. The standardized way of reading, the hard copy of books is for you if you are not a technology-oriented person and do not like staring at screen. But, some people create a connection with their books and cannot get over it, which proves to be a drawback for the reader. Both the formats are good in their own way and no one can win the battle. Choose what you like.

  1. Visit the library-

Visiting library is not what today’s generation prefer, they consider it as an obsolete task. But guys, pay a visit to library now. The whole scenario has changed now. You will find books on the shelves in a more formatted and sorted manner along with increase in stock with the latest titles. Other advancements are including audiobooks. It is free and risk-free way to try something new. Overdrive app is for you if you’re an eBook reader. From your local library, with a library card, you can virtually check out eBooks and audiobooks for free.

Become a bibliophile and change your life for good.


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