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Postbloggers.com is the logical consequence of various passions that propel people to work and write on them: cars, travel, entertainment, health, lifestyle and technology – they all sync in a way. On the one hand, we are driven by the persistent desire to know and experience the things that can make a difference and share those experiences with others. So, it is a place for the people who feel that there is an imperative need to record in writing the adventures and information that matter.

This blog arose with no other intention than to accommodate all those writers who wish to share their knowledge and experiences from a personal perspective. Their stories, their reports or their opinion columns will reveal new corners, open doors to unknown customs and present new insights and point of views. We will have the collaboration of journalists, photographers, writers, tour guides or simply inveterate travellers. Anyone is welcome to join this community. You just have to develop a suggestive theme of your topic and do it with good writing. The variety will contribute to the richness of our contents.

As the world has been changing, the internet demands the writings from the people who can capture this change from a different perspective and offer unique insights to the people. Also, there is a need to simplify things when there are too many things to choose from.

If you are one of those who have something valuable to share, why keep it on hold. You are welcome on Postbloggers. If you are concerned about the language and presentation, I will guide you and help you become a published author. Send your articles and stories to the following email: hemant(DOT)srh(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

-Hemant Sirohi-

I am an SEO expert and a blogger. With a long career in digital marketing, in recent years I have specialized in mobile SEO. In addition, I also work as a CMO in education culture Ludhiana. My friend Devdutt Jangir says that I am the “I am good leader” and he is absolutely right, because I always give priority to win people rather than competitions. I am of a ambivert nature. I am usually found cleaning my house.

I like to play guitar because I consider that it makes me feel at peace. I am attached to my home city and state Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthann).