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A Miniscule Technology That Is Making Big Changes: Nanotechnology

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Devices are decreasing in size with advancement in technology. There was a time when several people were required to carry a hard drive with mere size of 5MB, where each Megabyte had a value of $10,000. Times have completely changed since then and $10,000 can help a person to buy multiple high-end devices.

Decrease in size has led to portability, which is the reason that most people can perform many tasks and can also take amazing photographs. Imagine if the technology behind cameras was bulky, it would become impossible to carry the camera and take photos of marvelous places. The technology that has made the current devices compact- Nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is a word that is a combination of two words- Nano and Technology. Nano means anything that is of miniscule size. It truly is a technology that is changing the world for better. It is being used in most technologies because of easy implementation. Some common sectors where it is widely used- Information Technology, Medical, Energy, Weapon.

In earlier times, machinery was heavy and consumed a lot of electricity, which led to increased costs for organizations. That is the reason for them to include this technology in their fields. Size of nanotechnology is between 1 and 100 nanometers, which is really small and cannot be observed with human eye. Microscopes are needed to observe and evaluate the details and make changes, whenever required.  

Some of the benefits of nanotechnology in several sectors:

  • Automobile: This sector is implementing nanotechnology in a major way because it is vital for them to use materials that have light weight. And as most people are aware that smaller size results in better efficiency, there is no way any sector would miss this opportunity. It would also result in better performance from a vehicle’s perspective, as engine takes most of the load. The use is not only limited to that, because this technology is also helping to devise better fuel strategies, that can potentially reduce fuel cost. The problem with current fuel system is that it is getting depleted at a fast rate, which has led to imbalance of demand and supply.
  • Medical: This sector is also heavily getting benefitted, because the devices being built are implementing this technology. They are making strategies to make devices lighter, which would enable surgeons to carry them easily, because surgeries tend to consume quite some time. Particles that are small in size are called nanoparticles, which are being used to treat many medical conditions. Nanoparticles have been manipulated to behave like High Density-Lipoprotein, which is helpful in clearing out plaque, which is a serious problem.
  • Environment: It is the backbone behind all the activities that are being carried out. If this gets affected, all sectors would have an adverse effect. Activists conduct regular campaigns that highlight the importance of environment. The technology of nanoparticles is helping to clean the water, as it is a limited source and it has to be made consumable. Aerospace sector is also using it efficiently by cleaning the air inside a cabin, which helps to remove unpleasant smell and make the journey more enjoyable for a person.
  • Energy: Resources are getting depleted at a quick rate, thanks to the industries that are using it excessively. Even they cannot be blamed, because the demands are rising and they have no choice but to use the existing resources to fulfill the customer demands. Solar panels are implementing it and reaping amazing benefits, because it will enable them to convert the original energy into an energy that can be used by industries and homes- electrical energy. It is also a cheap method, because it does not use heavy hardware. It can be installed in a device, without affecting it negatively. Another benefit is that batteries are being developed more efficiently, which has enabled them to charge faster and offer more capacity.

These are some of the benefits of nanotechnology, because there are a lot of other sectors that are using this technology. The research related to the technology has just begun and a lot of potential can be seen already. It definitely looks like a promising technology, which can help to make lives comfortable and indeed act as a step towards eco-friendly environment.

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