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A Better Alternative to Storing Huge Amounts of Data: DNA Storage

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Internet is getting accessed by people from each part of world, which was not the case a few years back. Due to businesses getting online and making plans to have an online presence, it has become important to spread word about their services. There can be people interested to take a specific service in any country, which is another reason for organizations to take their firms to a global level.

A person that has some knowledge about the way internet works, must also know about the data that gets generated every minute. Some technologies- hard drive, cloud storage is being used to store all that data. But the data is not going to decrease under any circumstance, which is the reason for scientists and technicians to think of new and effective plans. DNA was a topic that was discussed by scientists for biological purposes. Further study on it has helped to realize about its importance in many other fields.

It is believed that necessity is the cause of any invention, because throughout human history, some devices and technologies were invented that have shaped today’s world. Now is exactly that time because the resources available are getting depleted at a fast rate. This gave birth to a technology that could potentially solve all the problems related to storage of data- DNA storage. Surprised? You must not be because it is not just an idea, it is a partial reality, which has amazing potential to change the world forever.  

DNA Storage is similar to what it sounds like, because it uses a living being’s DNA to store important information. It can solve a lot of problems with the reliability it offers. Some of the benefits of DNA Storage over other methods.

  • Smaller Size: DNA in our body does not take up a lot of space, because of its ability to function effectively and carry out all the operations. It is a huge advantage because storage is also a concern for managing data. This factor has a direct effect on other factors. Some facts state that all the data of the world can be stored in a single room, if this technology is implemented, which would be a huge advancement.
  • Large Storage: Many researches and tests were conducted, aimed at checking the capacity of data that could be stored in DNA. The reason for evaluating about this technology is that a DNA stores all the information about a person- their physical traits, the family history, habits. It basically stores the genes of a person, which can determine vast information about them.
  • Less Cost: As this method does not involve any special hardware, it would cost significantly lesser than other methods. The only cost that would occur would be that of converting it into an efficient method in which data could be stored even by a layman. No doubt, this technology is costly right now because it is in its initial phase. But with time, the costs will go down. It is necessary to develop technologies in such a way that can be used by most people, not just some technically sound people. This factor would also help startups to buy more storage, because in the beginning they won’t have a lot of funds. Affordability is a factor that can attract more customers towards a technology, because at the end of the day, no person would prefer a costly technology.
  • Stability: It is believed that DNA can stay as it is for thousands of years, without any special care. It means that information once stored in it can save the time and effort required to create backups. Creating a backup is a necessary practice for any organization because data is the backbone and if it gets compromised, the company might have to face massive losses. The current systems can get corrupted due to several reasons, which DNA storage can resist easily.

An interesting stat related to storage is that around 175 Zettabytes of data will be generated in coming 6 years. 175 Zettabytes equals to 175 billion Terabytes of data, which is huge. For managing that much data, a huge storage would be needed.

A good practice to have a final say on a technology is to analyze its negative aspects, because if a person decides to implement it in their sector and does not have any knowledge about the consequences, they sign themselves up for massive problems in the future.    

To analyze information and take decisions, it is essential to read the data that is present. The problem with DNA storage is that it is a slow method of reading data, which means it consumes quite some time to understand the information. Time is money these days and any time wasted can have an effect on the businesses.

USB’s and Portable Hard Drives have the option of deleting some files and replacing some new files in their place. It is not possible for DNA storage, as data cannot be rewritten, which is a major problem. With time, some data remains of no use and it become essential to replace it with new data.

Random Access Memory gives the provision to access any file in the system, without going through the sequence. It was a problem in the past when a system had to go through each file in a system to access some file in the middle or end of the list. It wasted a lot of time and a solution that was developed to counter the problem was Random Access Memory. Unfortunately, that problem has arose again and some solution must be developed, or such a versatile technology can go to waste because of this problem.    These problems may seem like massive problems but in reality, they are not and all the systems that are used nowadays, had these problems initially. It cannot be denied either that they can drive people away from DNA Storage. Scientists are working hard to devise appropriate solutions, so that this technology can perform to its full potential.

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