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8 Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Content Marketing

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Mistakes can Ruin your Content Marketing

80% of marketing managers believe that content marketing is the future of Marketing. And 80% is a lot, right? Let’s start giving it the importance and relevance it deserves then.

Many companies continue to do traditional marketing, “push” marketing campaigns based on interrupting the user, annoying them, pushing them to see an ad, to visit a website, to see the information they had not requested. This marketing {the brands should get it} is dead. And the sooner they get it, the sooner they will genuinely make their users fall in love.

The best content marketing is that which is based on integrity and creates harmony and workability. And for this to happen, we have to be clear about some points. Following are the most common mistakes made by brands when doing content marketing.

Not have a well-defined strategy

It turns out that the main objective of most companies with social media or content is to achieve sales. Nevertheless, they do not propose a well-defined and written strategy to accomplish this objective.

Even when you know how to write good and SEO friendly content, if you have no strategy, believe me, you have no idea what you are doing.

Define people, analyze topics, formats and times, establish transparent workflows, create work teams with specific roles and tasks, map these people in the sales funnel, etc. If this does not exist, your work will be a real waste of time.

Lack of planning

Planning is essential. You need to have a clear strategy to align the content properly with your business objectives (or you will be wasting your time). You need to develop people to develop content that impacts and precisely address the needs of your users.

Lack of patience

Success does not come overnight; we must persevere. And persevering also means trying and trying. We must give opportunities to our strategy to know if it works or not. If you do not see yourself moving closer to your goals, in the beginning, don’t worry. The result will come if the strategy makes sense; plus you know your audience well and give them just what they need (and this is the key).

Not having a content manager

Imagine, for example, we have a blog, and we are four people writing every week. If we did not have a content manager, the content would not work just as well. You need someone to check that the strategy is being met, that the editorial calendar is respected, that the business objectives are being met.

Lack of personality

Most companies that do content marketing adopt a personality and a tone far removed from what users expect. Personality is closeness; talk about you to you and be different in the way you tell things. Only then will we succeed in our communication and only then will we achieve the much-desired engagement with our users.

Lack of ethics and transparency

Do not betray your audience. It is the worst thing you can do. If someone subscribes to your newsletter, do not take advantage of that subscription by sending them useless click-bait stuff. Be careful about offering them something they don’t expect.

Not understand your audience

Do you really think you know what your audience expects? Have you asked them, or do you just trust metrics and the results of your Google Analytics reports? Be careful with analytics, the best way to understand your audience is to ask them, and there is no other.

Until you clearly understand who they are, what they do, what they really want and care about, and what their main problems are, you won’t really get to resonate and achieve your business goals.

Make content and forget about business objectives

Business Objectives is the last point we are going to talk about. Most content marketing strategies do not work because there is no planning, and there is not even a strategy. Without a correct definition of what you want to achieve and how you are going to make it; going through a proper definition of who your audience is and what you have to give them, you will not really be able to direct your users towards being customers.

In short, let’s get ahead, and if we make mistakes, other than these. Otherwise, we will not get what we want, and of course, we will not make anyone fall in love. To conquer (and get it) you have to have some clear starting points. Do you have them yet?

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