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7 Top Branding Mistakes

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top branding mistakes

Branding is the most commonly used term in the business world. Significantly, it means to develop an identifiable thing that promises value. This means that you have created an appearance, a consciousness of your business. It is actually the personality of your business. There are many businesses who try but fail in creating a strong and successful brand image. A brand can be anything, that distinguishes a business from another business.

Sometimes, a company spends huge amounts of time and money to get a brand recognized by creating a name and adding a suitable tag line. But, there are chances that even the most popular brands can be killed either intentionally or mistakenly.

Here are some of the most common branding mistakes that kill brands.

  1. Inconsistent Corporate Identity

A company must make sure that the same logo, name, and the tagline is used inside and outside. Your business card, website and all other things must have the same company name, logo, and tagline, every time the customers might hear about you on phone must be consistent. Consistency means that your customers are able to see and hear the same name of your brand, logo, tag line and colors over and over. This imprints the reflection of your brand in the minds of the customers.

  1. Poor Visuals

In today’s competitive world, if you want your company name to pop in the heads of the people, remember that the pictures are more important than words. Your company must be represented by a particular graphic and the logo every time. Your brand image should not be different every time i.e. there is a need for consistency.

  1. Failure to Track Branding Efforts

Every time somebody calls at your company (office), the concerned person should gently investigate for how they came to call your company (TV commercial or heard it on the radio or got to know at a seminar, or by the reference of a friend etc.). Prepare data of this information as it will direct future marketing.

  1. Not Using Existing Consumers, Clients, Patients for Branding

WOM (Word of Mouth) advertising is considered to be the best marketing tool. This type of marketing is when a customer’s interest in the product of the company is reflected in their daily dialogs. This is free marketing and is something that is beyond expectations. You can ask your customers, or clients if they could join you to get the word out. Ask them to tell you about your ads or seminars and what according to them is the strongest part of your company.

  1. Failing to Focus Branding on the Core Service

To make your branding successful, you need to decide on one core product or service of your company and focus on its marketing. Don’t make a mistake of perplexing the customers by presenting long lists of the products and services of your company. Stick to one basic product or service and work on its marketing effectively.

  1. Failing to “GRAB” the Public with Your Tag Line

Generally, four to five convincing words that match your main services can make good taglines. So, it is your responsibility to choose the right words that are suitable for your company. Avoid using boring and complicated words. Make the right choice as it is your tagline that seeks the attention of the customers.

  1. Unaware of How Successful Branding Starts

Your company is the first place where branding begins as you are the one who is aware of the core service. It is you, who can take care of consistency in the use of name, logo, tagline etc. You can undoubtedly take up the credits for the success of the brand.

Memorize these points and if you find them happening in your business, simply change your working strategy. If any one of these is practiced, it may kill even the most popular brand in the world.

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