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7 Easy Ways of Driving Website Traffic

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easy ways of driving website traffic

While asking the marketers or any of the business owners, what they like the most, they will surely revert you with the answer saying ‘more customers’. After the customers what is the next thing that comes on the wish list of the businesses? It is more traffic to their site. There are many different ways of increasing traffic on your website.

1. Advertise

This is something very obvious that is worked upon initially. Some of the excellent ways of attracting the visitors are paid search, social media advertising and display advertising. These also help in developing your brand and reaching out to more and more people. Make sure that you adjust your paid strategies in such a way that it suits your goals and objectives. Ask yourself, do you only want more traffic or are you looking forward to increased conversions? Every paid channel will have its own pros and cons, hence, it is necessary to think about your objectives wisely and then take the right decision.

If you think that more traffic on your site will help you to get more leads, then, you need to target the high commercial intent keywords as a part of the paid search strategy.

2. Get Social

It is not at all enough for you to produce great content and hopes that people will find it themselves, but, you need to be proactive. One of the best ways of increasing traffic of your website is to make use of social media channels in order to promote the content. Twitter is considered to be ideal for short and tempting links, on the other hand, Google+ promotion can help in showing up your site in the personalized search results and seems to be effective in B2B niches.

3. Write Irresistible Headlines

Headlines are considered to be one of the most important parts of your content. Without a compelling headline, even the most comprehensive blog post will be left unread. You must know how to write an effective and appealing headline. Say for instance: Heading is the first thing that comes in front of the eyes of the readers, therefore, it is necessary for the headlines to be convincing and eye-catchy.

4. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

Do you really think that SEO is dead? If so, think again. Augmenting your content for the search engines is considered to be a valuable and meaningful practice. Are you making the most of image alt text? Are you developing internal links to new content? And, what about meta descriptions? Optimization of the On-Page SEO doesn’t take ages, and it further helps in boosting the organic traffic of the website.

5. Target on Long-Tail Keywords

Did you get your high-intent keyword and popular keyword bases covered? Then, now is the time to target the long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords account for a maximum number of web searches. This means that if you are not focusing on them as a part of the paid search or SEO efforts, then you are missing onto them.

6. Start Guest Blogging

You must know that guest blogging is not dead. By acquiring a guest post on a reliable site may help in increasing the blog traffic to your website. This further helps you in building brands. Before you actually begin with guest blogging, make sure that you are aware of the standards for guest blogging as they have changed drastically. So, be familiar with them before working on them.

7. Make Sure That Your Site is Responsive

Now, the days have gone when internet browsing was done on desktop PCs. Today, people are keen to use their mobile devices to access the web. Moreover, if you are forcing your customers to scroll their way around the site, then you are probably asking them to go elsewhere. You need to make sure that your website is accessible and comfortable to view over all the devices including smaller smartphones.

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