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6 Ways to Make the Fast Food Healthier

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6 ways to make the fast food healthier

In today’s hectic life, we often lack time to eat in a serene way, we are travelling on a highway or we have to work late. However, there are some ways to make fast food healthier.

To solve those critical times when eating, we must learn to adjust the fast food options to make them healthier. Many fast food chains have expanded their menus to include healthier options; it is about having at least some options with fewer calories, saturated fat and sodium.

If for the same salad we choose grilled chicken, we will consume 70 fewer calories and seven grams of fat. This is a clear example of what we can do to make lighter and healthier fast food. You can always choose and replace some foods with others.

Select quality ingredients

As we have seen, more and more fast food chains throughout the world are expanding their menus to offer different options to the demand of their users to have access to healthy food.

Tasty light burger recipe.

Healthy food is a global trend; fast food brands have incorporated healthy ingredients such as roasted pumpkins, quinoa, brown rice, beets, broccoli, cabbage, onions, green beans and whole grains like oats.

Do not add beverages with high caloric content

Many nutritionists agree that the most added calories to fast food are soft drinks, even when we choose a seemingly light one.

A large soft drink has approximately 76 grams of sugar, with a great caloric intake. It is advisable to accompany fast food with water, iced tea without sugar, and natural lemonade.

Avoid high-calorie ingredients

Another way to make healthier fast food is to eliminate high- calorie ingredients. For example, we will not add bacon or cheese, it is preferable to replace it with an option, if it exists, of vegetables. When you add pieces of bacon or fried bread croutons to your salad, you add about 80 calories and 3gms of fat.

Eliminate creamy dressings

It is possible to choose a non-creamy vinaigrette dressing. Creamy vinaigrettes can provide at least 260 calories and 29 grams of fat. The most recommendable are fruit vinaigrettes, which are already among the options of the menus of the most important fast food chains.

Reduce the serving size of meals

Because of its low cost and availability, it is very likely that abundant portions are chosen. In this way, we can opt for a double-decker burger that contains 480 grams, and its triple version with 600 grams. An average person only needs 21 grams of protein per day, we must choose smaller and balanced portions.

Avoid adding coffee and dessert

If we want to lighten our fast food, we should avoid adding coffee and dessert; Mainly shakes or drinks too processed. Choices to choose, it is not the same to drink a coffee only with sweetener than an industrial milkshake made with coffee and other unhealthy ingredients.

Fast food alternatives at home

If we understand fast food as something to prepare and serve quickly, it will help us to try to prepare it at home: hamburgers, pizzas, hot dogs, potatoes. We can plan our healthy fast food with good quality ingredients.

Burger recipe

A good example of what a healthy burger could be to prepare at home would be the following recipe:

  • Round French quinoa or whole grain bread
  • Sliced ​​and baked loin meat cooked with olive oil
  • Fat-free cheese
  • Homemade mayonnaise
  • Tomato slices
  • Onion rings
  • Lettuce
  • Potato Tikki

Those who are vegetarians can add farmers cheese (Paneer) instead of meat. Tofu is another very good source of vegetable proteins that can be used to replace meat in vegetarian diets and therefore, goes very well with making a healthy burger.

When it comes to food and health, it is a priority to be informed and to know the offer of healthy menus available to fast food chains, be creative and customize your option.

Also, we must consider the tricks or ways to make healthier fast food; Always avoid recharging our bodies with calories, saturated fat and sodium. And this goes beyond the requirements of proteins, vitamins and nutrients that we need.

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