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6 Ways of Enhancing your LinkedIn Page

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enhancing your linkedIn page

One of the most important social networks for the businesses is LinkedIn as it renders a professional network. LinkedIn is the best way of targeting professionals and other businesses while stimulating your company in a business-centric space. In order to get the best out of LinkedIn, it is important for you to make use of the best practices and further ensure that your company page is completely enhanced.

The LinkedIn page of your company is actually a destination where people can really get to know about your brand or name. Of course, people will also get a glimpse of your products and services, but, the main aim of the page is to attract and interact with the potential audience.

Following are some of the basic practices to be carried out at the time of curating the Company Page:

  • Sharing the content 4-5 times a day on a regular basis
  • Make use of eye-catchy visuals
  • Try to involve thoughtful and innovative questions
  • Respond back to the clients in comments

Have a look at the following points that will help in improving your LinkedIn Page.

  1. Use Visual Media

One of the best ways to catch the attention of the readers is through integrating pictures and videos in your LinkedIn posts. If an image or an info-graphic is accompanied with a text post, the number of click through rates increase automatically. Apart from the pictures, even videos are rising in popularity. You can prefer 15 second short videos to get a better response from the readers. Visual media basically helps in enhancing the click through rates of the posts on your page.

  1. Keep Your Updates Short, Sweet and Spicy

There are only a few seconds to induce your audience to click on an update. So, make sure that you are not shy and tell your audience exactly about what all is covered in them just in few characters. 150 characters or fewer would be best. In order to add some spice in it, you may ask a thought-provoking or meaningful question, you may even stir up with a little controversy.

  1. Don’t Always Use Links

For many marketers, it is advised to make use of the links in their updates. Also, it has been found that the posts with the links have about 45% of more engagement than the ones without the links. And, it is also clear that by occasionally posting without a link can also yield better results. This means that the posts that include thought provoking or useful content, will surely have higher customer engagement.

  1. Share Company Culture

LinkedIn is a professional setup and thus, it is considered to be the perfect place to discuss your company culture. This is one method of promoting trust in your brand and make them learn about their company. This is one way of linking professionals with other professionals as it is considered to be a great network to share information about the company culture.

  1. Optimize Your Page

Just like Google and other search engines, LinkedIn has its own parameters of ranking the company pages in the search. But, make sure that you don’t forget about SEO. You must ensure that in the “About Us” section, there are certain keywords that are incorporated and that will make sure that your company page is included in the right searches.

  1. Share Other Content

Another thing that can be done is to make sure that you share the content other than your own. When you produce only the content of your own website, it seems that your page is very self-promotional. However, sharing the content from other relevant sources on your page, it will seem more centered around the needs of the audience. This will further help in creating strong trust among your audience.

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