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5 Things That Happen in Your Brain After Having Sex

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5 Things That Happen in Your Brain After Having Sex

5 Things That Happen in Your Brain After Having SexSleeping with someone awakens emotions and feelings that you have surely experienced before, but all this happens because your brain undergoes different changes. It turns out that there are many strange side effects in the brain that may not be easy to understand. And not everyone reacts in the same way after sex, but there are certain hormones that are released and that cause certain changes.

Oxytocin release:

After sex, oxytocin (also known as the love hormone) is released, especially in women. Oxytocin gives us that feeling of warmth and love after orgasm, which makes us want to snuggle with our partner. If you are open to creating a connection, this hormone will help you a lot. It also relieves pain and reduces colic, discomfort and stress.

Many emotions:

The cerebellum is a region of the brain that involves very complicated world analyses, including motor function, balance and emotional processing. Activation of the cerebellum occurs during sex to increase muscle tension. This tension can create an orgasm.

Dopamine release:

The neurotransmitter, dopamine, is released during pleasurable sex and floods your brain during orgasm. Dopamine gives you a feeling of euphoria. It is also one of the chemicals involved in addictions. It practically tells us: I like that, it felt good … do it again.

Your memory is affected:

For some, sex happens very fast. For others, every detail is memorable. All this is related to the hippocampus, which intervenes during sex and can affect memory.

You will not make the best decisions:

Orgasms suppress a part of the brain that is responsible for making decisions. Even if only for a moment, this pause creates an extrasensory sensation during orgasm. This means that the climax was great.

In conclusion

Sex can provoke emotions or negative sensations, since it is directly related to the organs that control them, which is why after sexual activity the body is tired, appetite is cut off, sleepiness and in general a feeling of exhaustion and inactivity which is known as postcoital discord, which was also studied in 2010 and where 222 university students were interviewed to better understand the effects and causes of it.

The results concluded that 32.9% of the participants claimed to have felt negative moods after sex, including doubt, fear, fear and guilt.

Experts say that being a constant sensation can promote the appearance of anxiety although they believe that this condition appears as a reflection of traumatic events experienced at some point in the lives of people.

More effects and tips on the effects of sex on the brain

David Greffern professor of psychiatry at the University of California says that sex is like a drug because it is familiar with the effects of dopamine, which causes that besides making us feel comfortable makes us look for more sexual encounters just like a vicious circle, where sexual addictions can be born.

Some scientists say that melancholy or post-coital sentimentality does not have to be related to postcoital discord.

In 2010 a study showed that rats that had sex once a day for 14 days experienced an increase in necropsy, a protein that influences the hippocampus, that is, the area of ​​the brain linked to memory, so maintaining relationships can improve the ability to remember.

Office workers what do you think of this information, have they experienced something similar or are they in total disagreement? If you consider yourself passionate about this activity, then this note can raise the spirits.

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