5 Powerful Ways of Boosting Social Media Presence

5-Powerful-Ways-of-Boosting-Social-Media-PresenceIt might seem impossible for a business to grow without a strong social media presence. About 335 million people today are using Twitter, about 1 billion users are Instagram fans and a large group of 2.23 billion people use Facebook. So, you need to think wisely that a lot of people who could be your potential customers are dangling out on social media.

You might be a social media account holder, but, are you getting heaps of new followers every month? Are they interacting with your platform? If not, then you must find out new ways of stepping up your social media game?

Whether it is through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media network, it is important for your business to have a strong social media presence in front of the clients, with the motive of enhancing sales. You can follow some tips to transform your lonely social media account into a popular one, completely involved in business activities.

Have a look at the following tips to boost your social media presence in 2019.

  1. Use the Right Tools

The very first thing that you must keep in mind in order to enhance your social media presence, is that you need to post consistently and at ideal time intervals. It has also found by the studies that businesses must tweet 15 times a day. But, as a business owner, you might not have enough time to login into all your social media accounts and update it constantly. So, this is the reason you need to make use of the right tools.

You can use these tools effectively, by scheduling your posts in order to stay active on social media by saving on your time. You may schedule your posts weeks before, post at preferred times when you think, most of the users will see. Making use of the tools to help with all your social media accounts will help you to ensure that you are posting enough to enhance your social media presence.

  1. Focus on Customer Service

Social media is a developing platform for customer service. Rather than calling a business or a company to revert to an email, most of the clients are now using social media to seek help from the brands. Moreover, about 54% of people prefer social messaging channels rather than seeking help over a phone call.

Hence, you must not only focus on sales but, also help your clients effectively. By using your social media accounts as a help to your customers, will surely increase the number of people coming to your account. It will become easier for customers to interact with you. Creating a Facebook Chatbot can also be a good option to answer the clients’ queries. This will build trust among the customers and there are chances that they will be more willing to shop from your brand.

  1. Promote your Social Media Accounts

Of course, expecting your customers to know about all your social media platforms may be silly. Instead, it is your responsibility to go and tell them that you exist. If you make it easy for your customers to follow and like your social media profiles, they will surely be keen to participate.

All you must do is to promote your social media accounts and ask your customers to interrelate with you. Another thing you can do is, add social media icons to your website, also to your sidebar. Make the people aware of your social media accounts and ask them to follow you. The more the people are aware of your online presence, the bigger it will be.

  1. Focus on Eye-catching Visuals

In teeming social media feeds, it is really difficult to make your business stand out. Focusing on eye-catchy visuals can be one of the best ways of enhancing your social media presence. What you have to do is to avoid using boring and dull stock images. Rather, try to choose the images that you think will make a connection with the users in the first sight. You may even share the pictures of the clients interacting with your product, that also acts as social proof.

  1. Actively connect to your audience

Think from your own perspective. Would you ever reply to a person, who has never reverted you back? Probably not. For sure, the customers will not join you on social media if they are getting zero response from your side. That is why it is necessary to enthusiastically engage in with your audience on social media.

So, in order to create a strong social media presence, you must need to become your social media accounts into a community. This clearly means that when someone comments on your posts, you must reply to them or at least like their comment, so that the customers feel that you are actively using your social media accounts. To make your posts more engaging, you may ask questions or some kind of quiz. This will not only boost your social media presence, but you will also be able to develop strong and true relationships with your customers.

These are some of the effective tips that will definitely give a push to the current number of customers. Get more likes and follows than ever before and get the best social media experience.

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