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5 High-Carb Foods that Must Be Avoided

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5 high carb foods that must be avoided

Doctors recommend that a normal human being must try to go in for a low carbohydrate diet because of many good reasons. A limited carb intake will not only help you in controlling your weight but will work as a technique for managing severe health conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol. While preparing a diet plan, you must know about the different carb foods to avoid and include in your diet.

If you have ever tried a low carb diet, you may know that sticking to it can be difficult. While preparing the list of high carb foods, you will see that a lot of them are indulgent favorites, many out of them might have been your staple food earlier. If you know about the foods to eat and the items to avoid, you can easily contribute in making healthier decisions.

Take a look at some of the high carb foods:

1. Sugary Foods

Many people already think of the foods in this category as unhealthy treats. Soft drinks, candy, and sweet desserts such as cakes, chocolates, and ice creams are all expected to be in the top list of the carbs that must be restricted. But, still, sugar can sneak its way into many surprising places. Also, make sure when on a low-carb diet, fruit juices, sports drinks, and other breakfast cereals rich in carbs must be avoided.

The ones who have a sweet tooth may still satisfy their dessert cravings by limiting their carb intake. Instead of consuming a typical dessert food, you may have a piece of fruit after dinner. Also, you need to make sure that fruits are also high in natural sugars, so you must limit yourself to one piece a day.

2. Starchy Vegetables

Vegetables can actually be a good choice for the ones who are on a low carb diet. The rich fibrous content in these vegetables can help in weight control and aid digestion. Further, corn and root vegetables like potatoes, yams, and beets have a high starch content and are best avoided. You must go in for non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, squash, and bell peppers to get your fill of fiber and other nutrients while diminishing carb intakes.

3. Bread, Grains, and Pasta

Good amounts of carbohydrates are present in both white and whole wheat bread. It is best to limit the consumption of these foods as much as possible when on a low carb diet.

Cutting down bread, grains, and pasta from your diet may sound menacing, as these foods are a base of the typical meal for most of the people. It is true that eating oatmeal for breakfast, packing a sandwich for lunch and preparing spaghetti for a quick weeknight dinner may be hard to break. Fortunately, plenty of recipe websites and cookbooks have been developed for the ones who are trying to cope up with carbohydrate goals.

4. Fat-Free Salad Dressings

Salad, the standard health food, is considered to be a great choice for the people who are on a low carb diet. In order to make delicious meals that are low in carbs, nutritious vegetables and proteins like eggs, chicken and nuts can be included. Low-fat or Fat-free salad dressings sound like they are healthier than the full-fat varieties. Dress your salad in creamy, full-fat dressing in order to reduce the carbohydrate intake. Alternately, mix olive oil and vinegar together in order to come out with a healthy and flavorful alternative.

5. Milk

Milk is another healthy high carbohydrate food. It contains nutrients like calcium and Vitamin B, still is very rich in sugar. A little milk in a cup of coffee is not likely to pose a problem except for the ones who are on very strict diets. Apart from that cream can be used as a low carb alternative.

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