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5 Easy Ways of Promoting Your Business

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easy ways of promoting business

Every business owner wants its business to come in front of their potential customers. However, there are many traditional ways that cost money and not everyone can afford TV Ads at the time of business startup. But, you need not to worry as you can promote your business without spending much amount of money in a very successful manner.

Take a look at the following marketing ideas that would not cost you money but need a one-time investment of your time.

1. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

What is the first thing that people do when they plan to buy a particular product or a service? Well, it is obvious that they will search for the product or service on Google. People try to gather as much information as possible about the product they want to buy and then search for the vendors who are selling that particular product. So, if your website is not appearing in Google search, it clearly means that you virtually don’t exist.

How to fix this? One of the easiest ways of fixing this issue is by hiring somebody who can enhance your website for a search engine, but, even in that case, it is important for you to know about the process. There are many sources available online for you to know about the SEO process. This further helps you to tweak your website and rank higher on Google and other search engines. Even if you choose to hire an SEO agency, they won’t be able to fool you if you know the process.

2. Use the Power of Social Media

To begin with, the very first thing that you must do is to create your business profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With this, you will not only get more customers, but you may engage them and seek quality feedback about the products and services.

Creating the profiles is not enough, but the frequency of posts is the key. By posting regularly on your business website, you will surely gain popularity and loyal subscribers who are later on converted into your customers. You can also share your business updates, news related to the industry you are working in. In an ideal situation, you must post twice a week on Facebook and 3-4 times a day on Twitter.

3. Answer Questions

Many at times it happens that people get stuck and look for specific forums on the internet to solve their pain point. There are many popular Q/A sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers where you can find many new customers. Questions can also be posted on LinkedIn Groups.

So, how can this be beneficial for you? All you can do is create accounts on these sites and begin searching for your product or service. You may find many questions asked or answered related to your product or service. So, you may begin answering them.

4. Attend Networking Events/Meetups

In order to expand your network and associate with new customers, events and meet ups are the best places. For that, you just have to search for ‘business events in (your city)’ and Google it. A list of all the upcoming events will be displayed to you. There are many events that are free that attract the customers as well as the distributors.

By attending these events, you will get to know that these events are not just for fun but these will help you to turn the people into potential customers.

5. Showcase Your Product on YouTube

Do you know that more than 4 billion videos are played on YouTube every day? This number is growing with the passage of every single day. So, it is good to upload a video that is related to your product or service right away. This not only helps the video to appear in the search results but this will also give your product more visibility.

How to get started? The very first thing that you must do is to decide what you are going to create. In order to create the video for the products, a short 2-minute video will work best. YouTube offers many tools that help in editing the video that has already been uploaded.

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