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5 Areas That Chatbots Will Revolutionize in 2019

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areas of chatbots revolutionize 2019

The chatbots have come to force in the last quarter of the year, their characteristics make them one of the most attractive tools for companies and, together with Artificial Intelligence (AI), they promise to be the meeting point between companies and users in the next years.

In fact, world GDP will be 14% higher in 2030 thanks to the effects of AI on productivity and consumption, according to a report prepared by PwC.

The five sectors in which this technology will break with greater force throughout 2019 are the following.

  1. Banking

The world banking sector will be the main contributor to the expenditure on artificial intelligence (AI), representing 20% ​​of the investment in cognitive systems and AI globally in 2020, according to estimates by the companies IDC and Kasisto.

The digital transformation that banks are facing goes directly through chatbots and Artificial Intelligence.

Bank of America and HSBC have already opted for the introduction of chatbots in different channels such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, in addition to working with voice environments such as Alexa or Google Assistant to include their services in these platforms.

  1. Human resources

One of the sectors that most bet on its introduction, either internally to streamline procedures with employees or to attract new talent.

According to the IBM company, two out of three CEOs think that cognitive computing is transforming the Human Resources function.

  1. Tourism

The chatbots have already been declared the perfect companions of the tourist. They help us to find and book the flight or the hotel, to solve the doubts that arise during our stay interacting conversationally with the hotel or find the destination and, of course, for enriching the experience.

According to Global Distribution Systems (GDS), 65% of travellers will use a chat platform to search for information or make a reservation to travel in the future.

At the moment, Expedia and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are already offering their services through messaging environments demonstrating that chatbots go beyond the mere resolution of frequently asked questions.

  1. E-commerce

According to Business Insider, more than 200 million users in China have added payment information to WeChat, the leading messaging application in that country, whose parent company now has a 37% share of the Chinese market in mobile payments.

  1. Health

Processing of clinical data, management of revisions, appointments all these things see chatbots being introduced to manage them. Artificial Intelligence and chatbots are transforming this sector completely. So much so that according to the study of MarketsandMarkets, the market for chatbots in the health sector will reach a value of hundreds of millions of dollars.


Chatbots are computer programs capable of maintaining a conversation with a human being using a natural language.

Among its characteristics are that they are always available to converse with customers, without waiting times and able to communicate at the same time with an unlimited number of people.

Based on the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence, the system is designed to interpret the purpose or intention of the conversation, understand the responses of the human being and based on that answer correctly.

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