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5 Amazing Tips to Boost your Reach on Instagram

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tips to boost reach on instagram

When it comes to online marketing, Instagram is emerging as an influential tool. But the thing of concern is that merely setting up a business account is enough? Or just sharing your content on a social media platform will do wonders?

Of course not.

These two steps do not guarantee your success. If to put your success on Instagram into a single word, then it comes to ‘reach’. You must be wondering what does reach mean?

Simply put, the number of persons on Instagram who see your posts and stories refers to reach. It is imperative to enhance the visibility of your posts. It will serve you numerous benefits. When a number of people are able to see your posts, they can easily reach you, which in turn, increases your followers. More followers mean more clients.

Now we have talked about that it is crucial to boosting your reach on Instagram but how to do it?

This article will help you to get familiarize with simple yet amazing tips that can surely boost your reach on Instagram.

  1. Your primary objective should be to engage more people

Engaging people should be your topmost strategy when you want to enhance your reach with the help of any social media platform. If you want your posts to appear on the top of the feed of your followers then you should focus on creating engaging content, so that the audience gets attracted towards it.

Following are some of the content strategies that help in increasing engagement of the followers:

  • Host competitions
  • Ask questions that can encourage engagement
  • Organize giveaways
  • Involve a call to action in your posts. For instance, tag a friend

In addition to these tactics, another way to boost engagement is by conversing with your followers on your posts whenever they like or comment on your posts.

  1. Wait for the right time to post your content

Merely knowing what to post and what not to is not the only way to boost engagement, you have to find the right time to post your content. The reason behind this is that it is responsible for giving instant engagement to your content.

So, what is the right time of posting?

The best way to scrutinize it is to start posting and then examining the activities and reactions of your followers. Find out the time when a large number of your followers are likely to be online. Try to relate your posting agendas with the demographics of your followers and the manner they utilize Instagram. You can make use of an Instagram tool popularly known as Instagram insights. This great tool helps in finding out the time when the audience is most active.

  1. Augment your hashtags

In order to provide sufficient reach to your content, it is very important to optimize your hashtags. Make use of the popular hashtags that are closely related to your post, brand and business. This is the best way to display your content to the followers who may be interested in your business.

The maximum number of hashtags allowed by Instagram per share is 30. But, you can boost your engagement with 11 hashtags. Keeping in mind your target audience and the terms that they are searching for on social media platforms. You can also go through the posts of your followers and can check the hashtags used by them. You can blend the general hashtags with the unique hashtags that are related to your brand.

  1. Make use of video content

According to a research by News Whip, it has been found out that the more comments are generated on Instagram videos compared to the photos. Videos generate more than twice comments than the photos. When more and more comments are generated, it discloses a deeper level of engagement.

  1. Highlight the content generated by the users

Recognizing the people is the best way to generate excitement in them about your brand and business. One way to do it is to curate the content posted by your followers and giving them the limelight. According to the second annual Intelligence Report: Instagram, conversions are increased by 4.5% with the help of user-generated content. Besides this, this number increases up to 9.6% whenever there is an interaction of the users with the posts.

In order to make your audience realize that you care about them, you can showcase them on your feed. It will also help you with your content related strategies. This practice will make a strong bond between your brand and your followers that in turn will lead to more sales and loyalty.


It is imperative to constantly utilize the above tactics to attain the desirable Instagram reach. Creating a great experience for all your followers is the best way to succeed not only on Instagram but any other social media platform.

This way you will see a large number of users becoming loyal brand advocates for you.

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