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4 Ways to Get Rid of Social Media Addiction

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ways to get rid social media addiction

It has been found from the statistics that about 3.1 billion people all over the world are using social media. 210 million out of which are suffering from the internet and social media addictions. A study revealed that an average person engages in social media for about 3-4 hours a day, whereas, a teenager expends about 8 hours a day on social media.

These days you will find many unusual things going on. It is not common to see a 9 years old youngster glued to a smartphone in hands. Go back to your time, when you were 9 years old, playing with your friends. All this is happening with the enhancements in ‘technology’. This technology has become a substitute for all the traditional forms of socializing, for both the children and the adults.

Have you ever realized that in spite of spending hours on social media scrolling you are unable to put your phone down? If yes, then you are not the only one. There are about 210 million of you. But, it is important to remove this toxic addiction by making use of the following steps.

  1. Go on a Social Media ‘DETOX’

Set a particular time period for yourself to say about 15 to 30 days and pay no heed to any sort of social media whatsoever. You may begin by deleting all the apps from your phone and only use your mobile in case of emergency calls. The time you are free and relaxed, you may use this time to think about why you couldn’t stop scrolling through your Instagram and Facebook. Is this because you actually wanted to know about the life of the people or just out of habit?

  1. Set a Digital Time for Yourself

If you can’t stop using social media instantly, you may begin with baby steps. What you can do is use social media only at certain time periods in a day i.e. maybe for 1-2 hours a day and not more. When you are near the limit end, gather the strength to put down your phone, this will avoid you to go over your limit. Make sure that you keep on monitoring the progress every week and try to reduce the time of usage. So, such small steps of not using the phone until emergency will help you to get rid of the addiction.

  1. Learn a New Hobby

It is always exciting to learn something new and moreover, it can be a good option of keeping yourself away from social media. A new hobby may be anything from baking to painting or it may be a new sport. But, make sure whatever you do, don’t stop learning. Suppose you choose a hobby that has different levels of learning, try to achieve all of them. This may further help you to do better things.

  1. Spend More Time with Your Friends and Family

Make use of the real world to connect with your family and friends. Try to plan trips with them or go for someone day trips. You may even organize pizza or movies party or play some fun board games. If you love you may go in for some chit-chat session, discussing the life’s happenings. Make sure that all your cell phones are kept away so that your quality time is not ruined by the unnecessary notifications.

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