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4 Ways of Transforming Blog into Money Maker

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4 ways of transforming blog into money maker

The blog is basically the most powerful marketing tool that is now used by many websites. This helps in driving traffic, creating a strong brand name, and helps in adding value to the potential readers.

Have you ever thought of turning your blog into a moneymaker, and into something that can financially help in the growth of the business?

There are many people and businesses who have identified various ways of making money from the blogs. Many of them sell products through blogging, others use it to encourage leads. There are many other strategies that can be used.

Do you want to know what are people actually doing?

They are making use of their blogs as a platform to share their know-how and skills. The same thing can be done by you by sharing your knowledge and niche understanding to drive in traffic. Following are some of the options that can be used to make revenue.

Have a look.

  1. Display Ads Through Google AdSense

If you find that you have sufficient traffic to your blog, you may begin with Google AdSense. Significantly, you must add “display sections” to your blog. Then Google makes use of the display section to screen ads that are considered relevant according to your website and the audiences. There are two ways of generating revenue:

Impressions: You can earn money every time an ad is commercialized. If there is one ad on a single page, it means that you get $1 for 1000 views. Similarly, if you have five ads on every page, you may earn $5 for every view.

Clicks: Another way of earning money can be even when someone clicks on the ad. There are clear chances that you may earn more amount by clicks rather than impressions. But, the amount totally depends upon Google’s bidding algorithm.

Apart from all these, must note that Google has been cracking down on offensive and bothersome ads. If you choose this method, make sure that your ads flow naturally.

  1. Sell Your Own Products or Services

There are many people who think of creating a “knowledge product”, maybe an eBook or a course. It is just a matter of creating the thing once. Once it is done, countless people can download it and access it for a few bucks. Such knowledge products do really well for the blogs with many subscribers. Another method can be selling your services through blogs. Say, for instance, a marketing expert can blog about how can better marketing be done.

  1. Get Paid to give Reviews

There are many businesses who are ready to pay you on reviewing their products on the website. Such a setup is liked by both the bloggers and businesses as it feels genuine. The audience assumes that money is changing hands somewhere, but they also get a blunt view of the product from you that is the true party. Providing candid reviews of the product is a great way of turning your blog into a money maker.

  1. Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing refers to linking of the products throughout your blog posts and then generating returns (in the form of commission) on the people who purchase the links. It is similar to that of getting paid for the reviews but it is also different, as the products are normally referred to in passing.

There are many businesses that are in love with affiliate marketing as it just pays you a commission in return to marketing and sales. The better will be the reputation, the more will be the traffic.

Also, make sure that:

  1. You promote only relevant products to the audiences
  2. Promote the products that you have already used


It is not that difficult to turn your blog into a moneymaker but one important thing that you must have is TRAFFIC. Traffic rises gradually by blogging regularly. So, initially, it is necessary to have a strong blog section of your website with a good amount of genuine traffic.

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