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4 Lessons of Leadership That Can Be Learned from Disney And Pixar

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4 lessons of leadership that can be learned from disney and pixar

The Disney and Pixar films offer excellent leadership tips. Do you want to know the reason? According to Melissa Powell, COO of the Allure Group, within the stories they offer, there are many traits that emphasize collaboration and help between people since, after all, they are actions that can be adjusted in the workplace as well as in the workplace.

Being an executive director can be complicated as director of operations, there are small peculiarities that cross each other to be able to develop any operation. Although, on the other hand, immersing yourself in a fantasy world such as the one offered by Walt Disney can be helpful.

Not only because of the stories, but also because of their relevance with which they can be compared for modern leadership. In fact, this is how the most popular company in the world expanded its business model with the help of stories.

Since the Walt Disney company reached an agreement to acquire Pixar for 7,400 million dollars in 2006, the purchase of Marvel in 2009 and Star Wars in 2012, they have done nothing but increase its content catalogue for its followers.

With an empire of 12 Disneyland parks worldwide and 51 resorts, plus 15 billion dollars in annual revenue, there are a number of lessons that can be learned about company leadership and that can be followed.

  1. Read everything you can and keep learning

Can time and effort be enough to change a person’s nature? It is not always possible, but Beauty and the Beast proved that it is possible, especially because of the evolution of the relationship between Beauty and the Beast. In business, when a company changes based on dedication and commitment, it can look a lot like the transformation of the Beast.

Bella represents the way leaders learn by consuming something relevant and applying it diligently in their business life. Many leaders can be self-taught at the beginning, but learning on the fly will be the guideline that makes the difference.

  1. The sky is the limit, sometimes literally

Up is more than a touching love story. The film is full of educational messages for the aspiring leaders, since the development of the tender boy Scout Russell is remarkable, especially his relationship with Carl Fredrickson, 78 years old. That is the true inspiration. Moving a product around the world and fulfil the dream of his life was what this gentleman of the old age showed. Despite his age, there is a time to be stubborn and to change.

All these lessons can be applied to managing a company, from finding and maintaining clients to taking risks in business, you have to know when to act and at what time you have to say NO.

  1. Emotional intelligence and balance are crucial

With small characters that represent the central emotions, Inside Out offers a look full of humour and much reflection on the actions of the human being. Sadness is set in motion after Riley, an 11-year-old girl, grieves after moving to San Francisco, despite attempts to keep happiness as the dominant force. However, fury, fear and displeasure take control and everything is destabilized.

So, we can say that the inside of Riley’s head looks like a startup. Start-up companies may feel tumultuous, but a balance of personalities, strengths and talents, plus an appreciation, intuition and common sense, will allow a business to grow. Leaders must take this into account when prioritizing balance and stability.

Not everything is Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata (no worries) is the philosophy that Timon and Pumbaa promote in The Lion King. The truth is that, even if the problems are few and far between, it is rare for businesses to live without having to worry. If this applies, it is likely that a company weakens.

Good leaders, on the other hand, know that they have to be present and involved, even if that means dealing with problems head-on.

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