14 Things You Can Do with Your Old Smartphone

14 Things You Can Do with Your Old SmartphoneMaybe the first impulse is to leave it in a drawer or throw it away, but in reality, there are a lot of things you can do with your old smartphone so that it continues to be useful or to recover some of its value.

Combat Phone

You may not want to take your new and shining smartphone everywhere. Maybe if you go out partying, you go on a trip to somewhere less safe or you want to shake your body worry free.

Media player

Although your new smartphone will also serve to enjoy multimedia content wherever you go, your old device could become a unique centre of entertainment that is always available for this type of purpose in the living room.

Alarm clock

Your old smartphone can also become a good companion to your bedside table, and although that function is usually done by the new device, it is not a bad idea to reuse the old device so that it behaves permanently as an alarm clock thanks to applications like Timely for Android. In iOS, there are also plenty of options.

Video surveillance camera

One of the most popular uses among those who reuse their smartphones is to have a home security system that captures and records video images of the interior of your home.

The options here are many for both iOS and Android, and there are in fact more and more flashy applications that like Perch not only record what happens but allow you to see it in real time remotely from another device.

Retro console

Although a new and brand new smartphone will allow you to play more and better in it, your old smartphone may be an excellent option to use it as a portable video game console.

There are several emulators that allow access to a large catalogue of retro games (and not so retro), and if we combine these software developments with a video game controller to which the mobile is coupled, we will have a versatile portable console.

Sports partner

If you do not have a wristband or smartwatch that assists you in your sports sessions, an old smartphone can also become a useful companion for those training sessions. There is a whole world of applications and services focused on health and sports monitoring that offer all their potential in our smartphones.

It is true that it is heavier and uncomfortable, but there are bracelets that minimize those problems. In addition, this will allow you to continue having access to mobile functions as such in case of emergency, for example.

Mini personal computer

The promise of convergence and of being able to turn your smartphone into a PC when you need it may not yet be a tangible reality, but the hardware of our old smartphones can give many joys in this regard.

In fact, there are simple ways to install Linux distributions on Android-based devices. In many of them, it is possible to use the Micro USB connection to connect a monitor and then connect a mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth. The result? A PC with modest but functional Linux.

GPS for the car

The traditional browsers of manufacturers such as Garmin or TomTom have been somewhat overshadowed by the use of the smartphone for these tasks, and a smartphone that you are not going to use can be reused precisely to maintain that permanent role in your vehicle.

Virtual reality console

The emergence of Google Cardboard made many users could finally discover the virtues of virtual reality, and although there are now very ambitious proposals in this regard, such as Oculus or HTC, your old smartphone can also be used for this area.

In fact, virtual reality glasses have appeared something more ambitious than those raised by Google, and if your phone is from Samsung, you can, for example, take advantage of the Samsung VR Gear that goes a step further. For the rest, as we say, the Cardboard or one of its many variations can be a discovery to explore these virtual worlds.

Improve Wi-Fi coverage at home

There are Wi-Fi repeaters that of course work very well as specific solutions to improve the coverage of the wireless networks that we use in our home or office, but it is that an Android phone can also serve this purpose.

Wireless mouse

If the mouse fails you, you can always use your smartphone as an alternative mouse, and if that old mobile is no longer used at all it could become a curious permanent mouse on your desktop.

For this, it is enough to install applications aimed at this area, such as Unified Remote (Android, iOS), which uses a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to offer basic mouse and keyboard control. There are a few more like Mouse Kit (Android, iOS) or Remote Mouse (Android, iOS) that offer similar features.

Donate it or recycle it

The mobiles that we do not use can be very useful to others who due to different circumstances cannot buy this type of device. There are various associations that help us to recycle them and donate them easily.


In this case, it is advisable to make sure you leave your smartphone clean, and no, it does not mean a simple factory reset. Leaving it as new is a bit more laborious.

Resell it

If the option to give it away does not appeal to you because you can still get some economic benefit from it, another great alternative is to try to sell it like any other second-hand product, something that helps especially if you have taken good care of it and it does not have any notable defects.

The second-hand market is active in the segment of smartphones, especially since many users change their mobile very often.


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