12 Steps to Decorate Interiors with Minimalist Style

12 Steps to Decorate Interiors with Minimalist StyleTheoretically, minimalism tries to get rid of the unnecessary elements- the leftover things. It is the art of reducing everything to the essential, the basic and necessary. If we talk about decoration, we could apply it perfectly without changing its definition. Is that decorative elephant necessary on television? And those three pictures on the wall? If you want to create minimalist interiors, you will have to ask yourself that kind of questions more times than you would like to. Look for stylistic austerity and focus on geometry. At first, it is difficult to change the chip. Afterwards, you will appreciate entering a room so spacious, white, clean and clear. Follow these 12 steps and you will see how, in the end, you have minimalism in your hands.

  1. Less is more

There is no norm that best summarizes the basis of minimalism. Less is more. Less decorative elements and more space and light. Less furniture, more comfort. The less the colours the more is uniformity and elegance … and so, we could continue with several more examples. If you want to create minimalist interiors, you must respect this formula first and foremost. A painting, better than three, a colour better than two.

  1. Betting on functional furniture

That is, avoid the tendency to accumulate unnecessary and superfluous objects and focus on incorporating only the furniture that is necessary and functional. Multi-purpose furniture, with geometric shapes, neutral colours and minimalist designs should be preferred.

  1. Look for geometric shapes

Geometry is another of the maxims of minimalism. First because it is functional and second because it is practical and uses the space better. Go for geometric furniture: square rugs, rectangular tables, square mirrors and L-shaped armchairs.

  1. Colour? The perfect white

It is the base colour of all minimalist interiors. Wherever you look, if it is minimalist, there will be a white wall or a white floor. The less colour, the more minimalist. However, and despite what many believe, a wall coloured in spotless white does not subtract heat from home or have to be less welcoming. On the contrary, minimalism has great visual appeal and makes the rooms look a very comfortable (both physically and psychologically).

  1. Natural plants

The natural plants bring a touch of very beautiful colour to the minimalist interiors. Those that cannot be missing in a minimalist decoration are: bamboo, cactus or flowers like orchids. Of course, if you want to choose plants with an original touch, look at these ideas to decorate with air plants.

  1. Hide the furniture

It sounds strange, but it’s like that. To create minimalist interiors, it is not enough to reduce the amount of furniture but hide them! There are a lot of original ideas to do it but the most comfortable and practical is to hide them behind Japanese panels, preferably, translucent or wooden.

  1. Light, lots of light

The lighter, the better. And we do not talk about artificial light, but about natural light. For this, we need windows, many windows and doors. A great option for this is to forget about the blinds and the opaque curtains and opt for blinds that blur the light and give a lot of clarity to the home.

  1. Keep the order

It is one of the most important maxims of minimalism. It does not work with keep order for a day and making mess for the rest of the month. It’s about maintaining order and although it seems a lie, maintaining order in the house can help maintain order in the head (reducing stress, improving mood) And if you do not believe, you just have to take a look at the cover of the book in the bookstores: The magic of order.

  1. Black and white

If you are not convinced by the pristine white test with the formula black and white. It never fails and can provide that contrast and balance you seek beyond pure white. You can start by incorporating a black vinyl on a white wall or cover a wall with black and white painted panels.

  1. Mix textures and materials

Although the basis of minimalist interiors is less is more, this time we have to bite our tongues and make an exception. Mix all the textures you want, without fear. Glass, wood, brick, wool, textile, stone etc. everything is welcome. Of course, continue to maintain a minimalist style as long as they have neutral colours.

  1. Design floor lamps

They should not be bright, luxurious, resplendent rather than they should be simple, austere and very practical. So much that you do not need to hide the cable that leads to your table. They are designer lamps, but with their own design.

  1. A touch of colour is not bad

No one said that minimalism cannot be accompanied by a touch of colour. It is always better to provide it with a natural element (a plant, flowers, a wooden table), however, the colour in its proper measure can be very good.

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