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12 Psychology Hacks That Can Bring Change in Your Life Instantly

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psychology hacks that can bring change in your life instantly

There are psychological tricks that work at the subconscious level. They help us to like our interlocutor, to fit in better into a new group of people or to calm ourselves instantly in times of stress.

Here are the 12 most effective techniques that work 100 percent and will be useful in any situation.
We have presented them in descending order from 12 to 1.

  1. When several people laugh, each one looks at the one that suits him best

After a good joke or during a fun discussion in the company of friends, each one, without realizing, looks at the one that suits him best. So, if you want to know everything about the relationships between your friends, prepare a couple of good jokes.

  1. If you are nervous, eat something

Before an important conversation, a speech or an event that makes you nervous, try chewing gum or eating something.

No one eats if he or she is facing danger. That’s why when you chew something, your brain thinks there is no threat and you can relax. It sends you a signal that reduces nervousness and helps you relax.

  1. A fixed look will help to get any information

If you do not like the answer of your interlocutor or you think that he is hiding something from you, just keep looking him straight in the eye.

In such a situation, the silence of your interlocutor will become so unbearable that he will be forced to literally tell you everything in order to put an end to it.

  1. Imagine that the person who interviews you is your friend from long

If you do not want the worry to engulf you during an important test or interview, imagine that the person in front of you is a friend you have not seen for a long time. This will help calm your nerves immediately and it will make it easier for you to answer all the questions.

  1. If you have to work a lot with people, place a mirror behind you

If you have to meet many people at work, hang a small mirror behind your back. You will be surprised to see that many clients will begin to behave better and seek to reach an agreement with you. This is because nobody likes to look angry or upset.

  1. If you think someone is looking at you, just yawn

Yes, the yawn is incredibly contagious. It is enough to yawn and look sideways to understand who was watching you. The person who was watching you will probably yawn too.

  1. If you want to stop a fight, just start eating something and stand between the people who are arguing

This phenomenon is called “Snackman Effect”. What happens is that we associate the process of eating with tranquillity and relaxation. The likelihood of one person attacking the other who is eating is very low, so the conflict will quickly subside.

  1. If you want to get rid of some object, simply give it to a person while you are talking to them

Ask a person a personal question or ask for their opinion about something. While they are thinking of an answer, their brain will be so busy that it will do everything else automatically. In such a situation, most people will take what you want to give them from your hands.

  1. If you want to make friends with someone, just ask them something

It must be something simple (that you pass the sauce, a napkin, a sheet or a pen). The person who does the favour subconsciously decides that you like him, so he decided to help you and would do it again.

  1. It is best to schedule an important appointment at the beginning or end of the day

People remember better what happens at the beginning or at the end of the day and what happens in the middle keep fuzzy memories. That’s why always schedule an important appointment at the end or at the beginning of your day. And in case of an interview try to be the first or the last of all the candidates.

  1. Pay attention to where people’s feet point during a conversation

The feet of a person during a conversation will help to discover what their attitude towards their interlocutors is and what emotions they hide. If you approach others and they just turn their torso towards you without changing the position of their feet, they do not like you so much.

By the way, the tips of the shoes or boots of the interlocutor pointing to the side indicate that you want to retire as soon as possible.

  1. Repeating the gestures of another person helps you to build confidence

Reflect the gestures, postures or facial expressions of your interlocutor will help you gain their trust. Even if the person does not realize this. It happens on a subconscious level but it is important not to overdo.

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