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11 Things You Should Delete or Not Publish, on Facebook

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things you should delete or not publish on fb

With billions of users, Facebook is a powerful tool and I’m sure you already know that. The company of Mark Zuckerberg affirms time and again that the privacy of the users is the maximum priority of the company, although the same would be good that you consider whether it is necessary to have personal data like the city in which you live or where you went to the school on Facebook. They seem harmless data, but perhaps not so.

Following are some of the things that you might consider eliminating from your Facebook:

  1. Complete Birth Date

The date on which you were born is an important part of the puzzle with which, together with your name and address, a hacker could easily access data such as your bank account, for example.

  1. Phone number

You can make the job easier for any stalker who does not stop calling you.

  1. Some (or many) of your ‘friends’

Oxford psychology professor Robin Dunbar said that humans can maintain approximately 150 stable relationships. After analysing 3,375 Facebook users, Dunbar concluded that these users considered that only 27.6% of their friends in the social network could be classified as close or genuine and that of them, an average of 4.1 could be considered reliable, and can be relied upon during an emotional crisis”.

  1. Photos of young children

Victoria Nash, of the Oxford Internet Institute, says in The Guardian that there are two things to worry about in terms of the appearance of minors in the network: “One is the amount of information that is given about the minor, how could be the place of birth, the full name of the baby or label the photographs with the geographical location, that is, anything that could be used by someone who wants to steal the identity of their child”; and on the other hand, he adds a second point that is increasingly being taken into account and is “what kind of information, shared in social networks, will these children want to see of themselves when they are older?”.

  1. Information about where minors go to school (children, siblings, etc.)

According to a report by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) in the United Kingdom, the figures of sexual harassment of minors in the country have increased in the last year, so that every precaution is little when we talk about the little ones. And again, it is a sensitive information that should not go into the hands of the strangers.

  1. Location services

In 2015, more than 500 million users accessed Facebook only from their mobile, which means that the same number could transmit information about their location from their phone, and anyone, interested, could know where you are anytime.

  1. Your boss

It is clear that you can exclude your boss from certain updates on Facebook, but just in case you forget, it is better not to use the social network to complain about the work or, directly, do not add the CEO of the company to your friends list.

  1. Stop labelling your location

If you do it when you’re at home, your address will be posted directly online and be available to all your Facebook contacts.

  1. When and where are you on vacation

If you publish your vacation plans on the social network and your home gets robbed, you will have trouble getting insurance cover for the damage. Apparently, insurance companies consider that, in some way, you are responsible for the theft for making your absence public.

  1. Pictures of boarding passes for flights

The barcode on your boarding pass is unique and only for you, and if you photograph it and upload it to Facebook, you run the risk of it being used to find the information you gave the flight company.

  1. Relationship status

Your relationship status can tell whether you are living alone or with someone else. It can be used by a potential stalker or someone who is interested to know more about your partner.

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