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10 Tips to Get Rid of Any Bad Habit

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tips to get rid of any bad habit

Everyone has at least one bad habit they want to break. It may be biting nails, drinking alcohol, being too judgmental, overspending, or a range of other things as well. The good news is there are many ways to get rid of any type of bad habit. Today you will learn about the 10 most commonly used tips to help you break any bad habit.

Fine Yourself

Some people end bad habits better when they take a bigger hit. If this is the case for you, fining yourself might help you ditch that bad habit. Whether it is alcohol abuse, swearing, or something else, the fine might motivate you to quit. One example would be using a swear jar. If you are trying to stop swearing, every time you swear put a $1.00 or $.50 in the jar. You have to give this money to someone else. You could also get paid for every day you don’t partake in a bad habit. You could do this challenge with someone you know.

Understanding the Triggers of Any Bad Habit

Knowing more about how you make a decision is one way to help you overcome a bad habit. Most of the time, people will keep partaking in a bad habit, even if they don’t know they are doing so. Learning more about the most common triggers can help you to overcome your bad habits. The most common triggers are location, time, people, emotional state, and a preceding action. Once you can determine the trigger, you have a better chance of stopping a bad habit.

Going Slow and Making Little Changes

It takes time to develop a new habit. You need to put forth the effort. However, it takes a bit more time and effort to get rid of a bad habit. Have some patience and make smaller adjustments first. Focus on just one bad habit at a time. Then, choose one small change. For example, you may want to quit smoking. You could go from smoking a pack a day to three-quarters of a pack a day. Do that for two weeks and then go down to half a pack a day.

Spending One Month Thinking About the Habit

It might help to spend one month thinking about the bad habit before you take any action. Think all you can about the bad habit. Make a list of reasons you would like to quit. Write down all the times you partake in the bad habit. This way you will be better prepared. You will know your triggers. You will also know what needs to be done to overcome the bad habit.

Reminding Yourself Constantly About Avoiding That Habit

Even when people try their hardest, sometimes they still partake in a bad habit. Keep reminding yourself that you aren’t going to. For example, if your friend calls and asks you to go out drinking, remind yourself ahead of time that you will say no. This will help to prepare you for the interaction, so you can keep overcoming the bad habit.

Changing the Environment

Another way to get rid of a bad habit is by changing the environment. For example, you might only smoke when you are sitting at the computer. If that is the case, put something else in your hand when you are on the computer. If you only drink when someone calls and asks you to go out, avoid the call. Text them back to decline the invitation. By changing the environment, you are making it more difficult for yourself to partake in the bad habit.

Coaching Yourself

You can also coach yourself out of the bad habit. You could record yourself saying why you don’t want to partake in a specific bad habit any longer in the recording, state why you want to stop and what you are going to do differently. Watch this recording every time you think about the bad habit. With time, it might sink in your memory, that you aren’t going to continue that bad habit anymore.

Reviewing What Happened When You Relapsed

If you took part in a bad habit you were recovering from; it might be best to review what happened. Everyone has a bad day at times. When you do, just look at what led up to the relapse. Think about how you can stop it from happening again.

Creating an If and Then Plan

Habits are something we automatically repeat. Something triggers a routine. Usually, we get some kind of reward from taking an action, and then we repeat it. By creating your if and then plan, you can cause disruptions in your bad habit reward system. When you do that, you can replace a bad habit with a positive one. Keep the plan simple. That way it is easier to stick to it.

Think in a Different Way About the Bad Habit

Another way you can get rid of a bad habit is to think in a different way about that specific habit. Usually, even if someone hates one of the bad habits they have, they will keep doing it. This is because it gives them some kind of psychological satisfaction or reward. Any time you are thinking something positive, when you are partaking in a bad habit, catch it. By doing that, you can take the time to rethink what you are doing. You can attribute negative feelings to the bad habit. Then, when you take part in a positive habit, be sure to attribute positive thoughts to those habits. This works because if you think negative thoughts about the bad habit, you are less likely to take part in that habit.

It is possible to overcome a bad habit. You can try any one or more of these 10 tips to get rid of any bad habit. Remember, you should start small. Pick one to start with. See if that works for you. If you need to use another tip, then, you can go ahead and do that.

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