Exciting Ways to Charge iPhone without Charger Proper or Traditional

Exciting Ways to Charge iPhone without Charger Proper or Traditional

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Oh come on you can’t take the charger of your iPhone every time you carry it somewhere. Now what if your iPhone suddenly shows that it battery is down and will be over any time soon? You’ll ask around for a charger or plan going back home. You’ll switch off your phone but feel frustrated within… and so on.

But the argument is will all this or anything else bring your iPhone back to work? Will the battery start a fresh and you’ll again be able to enjoy using your smart phone, checking mails, notifications saying some new tweets there, some new updates there and so on?

Below you have few exciting ways to charge iPhone without charger proper or traditional… yes, you have some of the weirdest charging equipments around some of them are easiest ever to be carried with you when you are travelling.

Charge Card

It is a unique iPhone charger easy to handle and cool to carry around wherever you go. Shaped just like a credit card, it easily fits in your wallet, and makes it easy for you to charge your iPhone anytime anywhere. In fact, this wonderful device makes it possible for you to charge your mobile from just any open USB port like laptop, computer monitor, modern cars equipped with USB port, point-of-sale cash register, Xbox, etc I’ve used.

Mini Kin Wind Charger

You can buy this cool device right from Amazon.com; this is a real cool device to own, and to charge your phone all it needs is wind!!So, simply strap this tiny wind turbine anywhere you get lots of wind like your bike or car window or even on your arm while you’re walking. This will move the turbine of the gadget and you’ll get to save a lot of power to be used to charge your iPhone.

Dual USB Charger

It is another uniquely designed gadget that lets you charge 2 of your devices right inside a car. A cool gadget for your smart phone when you’re on longer journeys.

Wrist Charger

This charger is in the form of cool looking wrist band and is meant to be worn that way only. This is one of the most practical way to get your phone charged as it looks cool behaves great with 9 connectors offering you to get your phone charged and stay relaxed!

These weird gadgets will not just help you charge your mobile but will prove extremely useful at times.